World War 2 Aircraft, Aviation Pictures and Photos


This page lists an assortment of resources that contain significant and/or noteworthy collections of World War II aircraft, aviation and air force photos and pictures.


Aviation Pictures and Photos:


384th Bomb Group

Personal stories and many photos of the 384th Bombardment Group and their B-17 bombers.


American Aircraft of World War II

A reference site on over 100 U.S. aircraft used or designed by the U.S. in WWII. Photos and info. Search by name, type, or manufacturer.


B-29s Ground Crews on Saipan

This web site features about 100 color photographs taken by my Dad, Dick Bastasch, when he was on Saipan, roughly between October 1944 and October 1945. It also features black and white images of bombing- and other missions, as well as war-time memorabilia (samples of manuals, notebooks, base guides).


Battle-damaged B-17s

This web site is dedicated to the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress and the men who flew her into combat. It is a  photographic chronicle of the damage that the "Queen of the Skies" could sustain and still bring her crews home.


Black Cats PBY Catalinas

U.S. Navy PBY Catalinas fighting in the Pacific during World War II.


The Cactus Air Force

In honor of the airmen and ground crews of the U.S. Marines, Navy, and Army Air Corps who defended the skies over Guadalcanal in 1942.


Fighter Factory

Fighter Factory is a World War II aircraft recovery and restoration facility run by the Aviation Institute of Maintenance. Web site includes photos of over a dozen historical aircraft from World War II.


German Air Force Pictures

Includes over 4,000 World War II German aircraft photos.


Japanese Aircraft of World War II

This is a reference site with photos, data, and info on most all of the Japanese aircraft of World War II. Over 120 aircraft types are covered.


Jeremy Lee's Aircraft Picture Galleries

Photos of some of the more widely-used aircraft of World War II.


Marshall Stelzriede's Wartime Story - Experiences of a WW2 B-17 Navigator with U. S. Eighth Air Force

Story of the experiences of a B-17 navigator with the U. S. Eighth Air Force in Europe during WW2, with photos taken during his tour of duty and news articles describing his missions. Also included are sections showing aircraft photos and war posters.


Military Aircraft Images - WW2

Excellent colleciton of allied and axis aircraft from Mike Kemble.


Naval Air War in the Pacific

Photos and paintings of the United States Navy and Marine Air Units in Action During World War II


RAF Liberator Squadrons

RAF and Commonwealth Squadrons that operated the B-24 Liberator Heavy Bomber during WWII.


Warbirds Resource Group

The Warbirds Resource Group is devoted to the dissemination of information relating to historical military aviation. Web site includes a large selection of World War II aircraft from the American, British, Japanese, German and Russian military.

With the largest online collection of images from the air war, 1939-1945, was established in 2000 by British aviation artist and author Mark Postlethwaite. The idea was to scan and catalogue the photo collections of aviation authors and veterans into one central online database to provide a permanent resource for future generations.



Other World War II Pictures and Photos:


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Additional Resources:


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