World War 2 Naval and U.S. Marines Personal Stories


These pages include a collection of navy and U.S. Marine Corp personal accounts and stories from World War II.


POW Accounts and Stories



U.S. Navy Personal Stories and Accounts:


A World War II Diary in the Pacific

Jack "Weary" McKnight served aboard the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Essex CV-9 April 27, 1943 to Dec 16, 1945. He worked in the Combat Information Center as a member of division V-3-R. During much of that time he recorded the Pacific war in his diary as a seaman on the Essex. The story of Jack's service and his diary entries are included.


Home of Heroes - Pearl Harbor Attack

Entrance to a series of stories recounting the events at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.


On Eternal Patrol

The primary purpose of this site is to honor the men of the U.S. Submarine Force by attempting to put faces to as many of the names on the lists of lost submariners as possible.


Stanley Galik - LCI 35 - Ships Cook 2/c US Navy WWII

This site was developed as a tribute to the memory of my father, Stanley Galik and is divided primarily in two separate stories.   One story concentrates on my father's life, especially his experiences serving in the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) and with the U.S. Navy during World War II.  The other story chronicles the saga of the LCI (L) 35, the Landing Craft Infantry Ship that my father served aboard during the war.



My military service during WWII on Sorlen, Ulithi Atoll.



Dedicated to preserving the history of the United States Navy Destroyer Allen M. Sumner (DD-692), it's crews and campaigns. This site has a large collection of memories and short stories submitted by her former crew.


USS Blenny SS-324

Submarine USS Blenny SS-324 during World War II.


USS Gambier Bay (CVE 73) and Composite Squadron VC10

USS Gambier Bay (CVE-73) and VC-10 Association. The Gambier Bay was an escort carrier or baby flat-top during WW II.


USS Indianapolis CA-35

This site is the official site of the USS Indianapolis Survivor's Organization. It is dedicated to all of the members of the crew.


When Victory Is Ours: Letters Home from the South Pacific 1943-1945

This series of letters (presented online in abridged format) by (Lt. Cmdr.) Morris D. Coppersmith to his parents; photographs; and naval documents were found in a dusty carton by me, his daughter, over fifty years after they were first written.



U.S. Marines Personal Stories and Accounts:


A Marine Diary: My Experiences on Guadalcanal 

An eyewitness account of the Battle of Guadalcanal. 


From Butte to Iwo Jima

The Memoirs of William T. Paull, USMC, WWII in the Pacific Theater.


Greg "Pappy" Boyington VMF 214

The life of Gregory "Pappy" Boyington. World War 2 USMC fighter-pilot , 26 victories. Black Sheep Squadron Commanding Officer. Congressional Medal Of Honor recipient. South Pacific 1943-1944 Central Solomons.


HQ224USMC Honoring the Men of the HQ Company

This web site is dedicated to the men of the Headquarters Company, 2nd Battalion, 24th Regiment, 4th Marine Division in World War II. There are many photographs and memorabilia.


HyperWar: U.S. Marine Corps in World War II

Includes various volumes of 'History of U.S. Marine Corps Operations in World War II', 'Marines in World War II Commemorative Series', the Historical Monograph series, and the Order of Battle of the US Marine Corps.


Iwo Jima Memoirs

Includes a number of stories from servicemen who served on Iwo Jima -- also known as "Sulfur Island" or "the Black Pearl" to name but a few.


Marine Photographer

Frank Kern served as a Marine Photographer with the Headquarters Squadron of M.A.G. 61 (Marine Air Group 61) towards the end of World War II.  This site contains a collection of photographs some were taken by Frank and others were not. Most of the touristy/locale type of pictures are Frank’s and quite a few of the plane pictures are official Marine Corps/Navy Pictures.



A tribute to the Marines who fought the WWII battle of Peleliu.


Peleliu: USMC WWII Combat

Tribute to USMC Peleliu combat veteran Sergeant Patrick L. Finelli.


WW2Gyrene - A Tribute to the World War II Marine

Welcome to WW2 Gyrene, a tribute to the World War II Marine. This site contains information about the Pacific War and the men who fought it along with links to other outstanding Marine Corps sites. Semper Fidelis!



British Navy Personal Stories and Accounts:


Royal Naval Patrol Service

A fitting tribute to all the veteran's that served in this often 'forgotten fleet' of WW2. The story of the RNPS and the part they played in the Battle Of The Atlantic deserves to remembered.


The Royal Naval Reserve Service Record of John Wilson

This is an individual web site dedicated to my grandfather, Skipper Lieutenant John Wilson DSC RD RNR and to those other fishermen and trawlermen, once described as "Seaman Extra Ordinary".


The Royal Navy Ships of Victor Johns in WWII

This is a personal page dealing with the ships my father served on in the Royal Navy during WWII.


The Sinking of the Königsberg

Details the sinking of the cruiser Konigsberg in Bergen harbor by Royal Navy dive bombers.



German Navy Personal Stories and Accounts:

Dedicated to the history of the WWII German Type VIIB submarine U-47 and its legendary commander, Knight's Cross holder Korvettenkapitän Günther Prien, the man behind the sinking of the prize British battleship Royal Oak.



Personal Stories - Other/Mixed Naval and Marine Focus


World War Two - The War At Sea

A great collection of World War II naval stories from Mike Kemble.


World War 2 Cruisers

This site is my small tribute to the men of all navies who served on ships in WW2. Never forget what they did!



POW Accounts:


POW Accounts Collection

EverythingWorldWar2's collection of resources dedicated to POW accounts and personal stories.



Other World War II Personal Account Sections: